About US

Al- Marjaa Al- Handasi CO.

WE provides total process solution and industrial automation systems. , we worked hardly to provide our customers the TOP quality ,HIGH reliability systems, equipment and the creativity in control sytems development. Accordingly, we have developed our technical team up to be one of the most experts engineering team in the middel east. we achived extream experiance in executing projects for industrial automation,instrumentation & electrical systems in all major process plants like power systems. Our Goals are: 1. Become a Leadership Company in Automation Field and Power System 2. To Recruit New Technology Features and New Automation Methods to Serve Industrial Factories and Automation Companies. 3. Create a new Automation industry. 4. Create New Inter-Connected Power and Control Systems. Since inception as an outstanding industrial automation company, Almarjaa Alhandasi has worked hardly to meet the Challenges of industry and to provide our customers by the best solution and equipments. We achieved extreme experience in executing Projects for Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Electrical systems in all the major process plants like Power Generation, Infrastructure, Automobile, Refineries & Petro-Chemicals, Sugar, Steel, Fertilizers, Chemicals, and renewable energy and others. Precisely intelligent solutions in the field of Industrial Process Instrumentation, Process Automation, Data Logging and Electrical Controls, can be accessed through just one source – Almarjaa Alhandasi. Our core focus is on Motion & Drive solution, industrial weighting systems, instrumentation products related to Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Sensing Technology and Electrical Control. In providing breakthrough solutions in these areas, our skills are perfectly complimented by the products we source from our world renowned principals like Fuji electric, FINE weigher, LS-Mecapoin, Lika, Omch, UNI-T,Reign power, Lanbao,Toky, and MAX.